Ask Myles Anything

I am doing a talk for Frieze Academy's Masterclass: The Art of Creative Direction.

My talk is on the topic: 'How can Technology Support Creativity?'

My slot is a Q&A session, so I decided to ask the internet (you) to submit questions, which I will try to answer on the day.

When you're ready, speak into the microphone and I'll translate what you're saying. Don't worry, I'm not recording your voice!

OK, let me speak already.

Thank you. These are some of the things people have asked me already..

What is this website?!
Who are you?
I'm a digital designer and educator who uses design and code to create meaningful interactions and to investigate different ways of seeing, thinking and understanding.

Currently, I'm a Design Director at Future Corp, a digital studio that creates websites for a variety of cultural clients. The rest of my time is spent exploring how to create tools, playful experiments and educational experiences that are built collaboratively with participants.
How can I contact you?
Talk to me directly through email, see what I get up to on Instagram or read things I say on Twitter.
What is this about?
I’m doing a talk for Frieze Academy’s Masterclass: ‘The Art of Creaive Direction’, and I needed to collect some questions ahead of time as I have a large Q&A slot. I thought a form was a bit boring, so I tried something different because why not?
Right, ok. So what's the talk about?
Great question, thanks for asking! My talk is on the topic: 'How can Technology Support Creativity?'.
So....what kind of questions will you answer?
How far can you stretch creative boundaries by harnessing technologies such as coding to shape and inform your design decisions?
Will coding become crucial to contemporary design and art direction?
Alright, got it! Where is it and when is it happening?
It's on 23rd Feb 2019 at Mortimer House in London.
Can I come?
If you really want! You can get tickets here.
Did you consider the fact that nobody will ask a question?
Yes. Every day when I made this my exact thought process was "nobody is going to ask a question anyway".
Have you thought of sending this to people you know and giving them questions to enter so it at least seems like someone has done it?
Yes, my mum has furiously been submitting questions for weeks now.
Are you recording our voice?
No. Nothing you say is recorded and stored. It’s only translated (magic) into the words you see on the screen.
How did you make this?
Badly! Chopped together a few demos here and there and tried to muddle my way by. Please don't dive into the code.

This experience requires your microphone to translate sound.

Sorry, this experience is built for Google Chrome as it relies on Web Audio. I'm doing a talk for Frieze Academy, maybe you should come.

😞 Sorry! I just wanted to speak to you about a talk I'm doing for Frieze Academy. Maybe reconsider and allow access to the mic? Don't worry, I'm not recording!